We invented it.

Since 1940, Refracta has been an international benchmark in the development of refractory products for the cement industry.

Top level technical consultants.

Having the best specialists in refractory technology enables us to offer the most advanced technical solutions to solve specific problems faced by our clients.

The most advanced
solutions and products.

Our technical solutions and refractory products, both shaped and unshaped, are born of our passionate commitment to R&D, and are guaranteed by international patents, giving results not found anywhere else in the market.

The shaped products in our range of shaped and unshaped products can be applied in all possible ways: vibrated, free-flowing, pumped, sprayed or cast in large blocks and dried at our plant.

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The best customer service.

We also offer technical assistance as part of all our projects, with an installation team that advises on and verifies the correct application, implementation and functioning of our products.

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You can make things a reality

In Refracta we offer careers that are suited to ambitious people who are capable of resolving our clients’ problems in any part of the world. A job where you experience real challenges, providing the best technical solutions with the most advanced and exclusive products. All of this with the endorsements of our international patents.

Do you want to have this kind of career?

Then, join us! You will become part of a leading global team that has innovation as its strategy for tackling the considerable international challenges we face.

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